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Three Trinity Titans

Christians struggled for two thousand years with Trinity Doctrine confusion … while theologians seemed powerless to explain it. Now, a theoretical theologian has ripped the Fool’s Gold mystery from the Trinity Doctrine … and made it so simple that a high school drop-out can understand it and use every teeny, tiny part of it.

After Tertullian called God a trinity, the Trinity Doctrine was developed by the Catholic Church nearly two 2000 years ago … but the majority of Protestant churches have accepted it with very little deviation. But … the Catholic Church did not come up with this concept.

The “Triune God” concept dates all the way back to the Tower of Babel era … specifically to Semiramis, Tammuz, and Nirmod. Many religious and political groups … down through the ages … have recognized the power of this deception.

The worst … but biggest flaw with the Trinity Doctrine … is that it does NOT identify GOD!

Most Christians have a difficult time trying to figure out just who God is! Many leave their churches out of frustration and doubt … and never go back.

Who wants to be held accountable to a god that cannot be recognized by those who seek worship him?

Church officials are adept at re-designing scriptures to make them seem to say what churches want them to mean.

For example, who is God in the Trinity Doctrine?  Is it:

  • God the Father;
  • Jesus Christ;
  • Holy Spirit;
  • All three of them;
  • One god in three persons;
  • One person in three gods;
  • A Triune … divisible-indivisible … god?

And … the answer is … it all depends upon what they want people to believe.

Many people are not only confused about who God is but also what He wants!   Many churches are losing members … and cannot recruit new ones.

One theologian has identified why the Trinity Doctrine is so weak. It is not that difficult to fix … and people can stay put in their own churches as they learn the truth (John 8:32) … and with very few changes in church functions!

There definitely is something more powerful than the Trinity Doctrine … and people can now find out exactly what it is!

This theologian not only explains your purpose … but he also explains exactly what each one of the Trinity Titans actually does to promote and sustain the Kingdom of GOD.

“Clergy” who only do church as a business … may be threatened by this new information.

Most people do not know that there are actually three Titans in that trinity … and that each one of them has different, powerful functions that complement each other.

An NO … THEY are not playing musical-god chairs to see which one of them gets to be GOD when the music stops.

Many people have the mistaken idea that they are doing GOD a favor if they show up in a church once or twice a year. Sadly, this may be their reward in: Matthew 7:23.

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