Christian Concerns

The truth! Christians are REALLY leaving their churches because of this!

Almost every day a new list of excuses shows up on the Internet about why Christians are leaving their churches!

The real reason Christians are leaving their churches is caused by the misdirection of Blind-faith church doctrines.

Ironically, churches could probably be ten times larger if they just told people the truth about Jesus Christ.

PEOPLE want to know … and they have a right to know! They are not being told … so they are rightfully leaving their secretive churches in huge numbers. Why? Because things just don’t add up!

Unfortunately, there are many church clergy that do NOT even believe in GOD … but they found out that they could do church as a business and make money. Many of them are very good at faking it.

For example, Jesus Christ was NOT present at the creation of the heavens and earth! The human man Jesus Christ is actually the third human being ever created (i.e., after Adam and Eve) … but Jesus Christ’s spirit is the WORD!

Want a peek at reality? The WORD is the incarnate spirit of Jesus Christ who was born of the Virgin Mary.

In other words, when the Holy Spirit conceived Jesus Christ in Mary’s belly … the WORD became Jesus’ spirit. GOD told the prophet Jeremiah that HE knew us before we were even formed in our mother’s belly.

What did GOD know? HE knew all our spirits which were created in the image of GOD, and of the WORD, and of the Holy Ghost in the beginning!

Our spirit is actually joined with our body at conception (i.e., not at fertilization … and wise people the difference and what that means). Our spirit is the valuable part of our being … because our spirit goes back to GOD … but our flesh body decays back into dust (i.e., but not Jesus’ body).

The body of the dead WORD-Jesus Christ was resurrected by the Holy Spirit … but His resurrected body is a transfigured body … NOT a flesh and blood body (i.e., and our new bodies will not be resurrected flesh and blood either).

Even though Jesus’ dead body was not allowed to decay … it was definitely changed in His awakening and ressurection by the Holy Spirit … because Jesus’ conception was different than ours!

For example, the risen Christ could just zip around anywhere … appearing in rooms with locked doors … and He just floated up to heaven when He left!

It is time for people to learn the truth … and stop being controlled by man-made, Blinded-Faith religious doctrines.

There is much more that people have been shielded from … and people need to know it … otherwise, there is not much to lose by leaving a church of blind secrets!

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R.B. Spell, DD