Afterlife Hoax

You are NOT born with an immortal soul … but you CAN actually get one!

With credentials to minister a church … and after 60 years of watching churches in decline … all I want to do now is help others build and save their own churches.

Here is a big secret … people are perplexed about the afterlife because they do not understand the before- life. Human life is a short transition between the two other lives … but not everyone makes it into any kind of an afterlife.

Why? Because of the big after-life hoax! The Fact is … you actually do have to do something to receive eternal life … but deceivers hope that you do not figure out what that is!

Most Christian teachings misrepresent the truth about life after death. There is great competition among over 45 thousand denominations to attract members to their churches … and because the influences of human greed, gluttony, and gonads seem unquenchable … everything is never enough!

Why?  Clergy needs a huge tool to trick people into thinking the Bible teaches that people are born with an immortal soul … but that is absolutely false! No where does the Bible say that humans are born with an immortal soul! NO WHERE!!!

Jesus Christ is the only one ever born with an immortal soul! The rest of us … if we get an immortal soul … receive one from GOD the Father through the WORD-Jesus Christ at Jesus’ judgement seat (Revelation 22:12 and Romans 2:7).

True Christian theology is easy to understand. Jesus Christ was created (by the Holy Spirit through Eve and Mary) … but His spirit is the incarnated WORD of God (Jeremiah 1:5). The Bible is full of parables and parallels … but GOD also knew us before we were born … and we will go back to HIM when we die (whether we receive eternal life or eternal annihilation).

All souls that sin will die (Ezekial 18:4) … and all souls return to GOD the Father at death (Ecclesiastes 12:7). The human soul is totally destructible (Matthew 10:28) … and the religious dogmatists hate that verse because they cannot truthfully preach eternal, conscious hell fire.

Internet news is shouting that Christians are quickly leaving churches in droves. So true … and so sad. But there is a way to stop it.

How? The real truth is that Christians have been taught to live by blinded-faith which teaches them nothing … but provides a pathway for clergy to preach just about anything they want to.

Ironically, with the truth … church memberships could increase by two to tenfold … if they only knew the truth (… and now they can!)!

In their confusion, 45+ thousand Christian denominations contend to be number one (Mark 7: 6-8) with their own brand of chest-pounding. Christianity’s greatest sin is the mixing of scriptures that produce confusing meanings (Jeremiah 23:1) … and outright deception.

People need to know who Jesus Christ was before earth was created … but they absolutely do not. Our destiny … if we make it … is eternity-future in the New Jerusalem … where we will inherit a created new heaven and new earth as joint-heirs with WORD-Jesus Christ!

  • Man* Jesus Christ did NOT exist before His virgin birth … but His spirit WORD did exist.
  • How fleshly Man-Jesus Christ was created by the Holy Spirit is clearly explained (through Eve and Mary).
  • The revived WORD-Jesus Christ was re-empowered in 1 Corinthians 15:27 …  to continue a new-creation into eternity.

*The flesh-body of Jesus Christ was created by the Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ’s spirit is the WORD. This verse in Colossians 1:15-17 can only refer to the WORD … who later became incarnated as Jesus Christ. Note: Only Adam, Eve, and Jesus were not born of human inheritance.

Fortunately, a Christian scientist-theologian has concisely explained the magnificent power of the three essential natures of Jesus Christ’s existence … far beyond current blinded-faith religious child’s play.

For example, there is a second secret, silent rapture. Raptured saints will rule somewhere … but not on earth in the Millennium! Why? Because there is another falling-away with the release of Satan after 1000 years of confinement … but clergy do not seem inclined to reveal this fact!

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Lead churches into eternity with the truth,

R.B. Spell, DD

PS: What do clergy learn in Seminary? Echoes from pulpits seem to suggest that most of them learn about their church doctrines … but very little about Biblical doctrine!