Month: January 2022


Faster Than Light

Faster Than Light Speed

FASTER THAN LIGHT SPEED!  YES!   Scientific theory has retarded scientific progress for centuries. If the USA Space Force and future space travelers are to go forth and survive … they will need to understand and use this new revelation about the greatest danger that exists everywhere in space. The “Theory of Relativity” presents a seemingly impenetrable roadblock to scientific progress, discovery, and invention … until now … as described inRead More

Trinity Titans

Trinity Doctrine

Three Trinity Titans Christians struggled for two thousand years with Trinity Doctrine confusion … while theologians seemed powerless to explain it. Now, a theoretical theologian has ripped the Fool’s Gold mystery from the Trinity Doctrine … and made it so simple that a high school drop-out can understand it and use every teeny, tiny part of it. After Tertullian called God a trinity, the Trinity Doctrine was developed by theRead More

Contagious Disease Prevention

Viral Diseases

PROTECT YOURSELF EVERYWHERE DO NOT CATCH CONTAGIOUS DISEASES ANYWHERE Here is some information you may have overlooked … but would like to see it! Tired of getting sick … lockdowns, quarantines,  disease-fear syndrome. … and of 24-hour news media control and misinformation? You can do something about it … and no one can stop you. Just get the information below that you need to do it. Some might ask, “IfRead More