The idea behind this website is that ADVANCED CONCEPTS can occur in any field or ideology … and they can change at any time with new theories and discoveries … but new concepts must be proven on the basis of their own merits.

Critical Thinking should always be applied with Advanced Concepts in order to avoid and/or remove the Special Interests and Selfishness within sciences, races, religions, politics, and nations.

If not … the sharp point of a dagger can become as dull and ineffective as the head of a railroad spike.

Or … a long hot, wet noodle does not make an effective rapier for the swordsman … no matter how intense the rhetoric.

Future Human Civilization is as uncertain as its past … but humans are always controlled by the need for more … because everything is never enough!

Enjoy this 15 volume series-in-one set … it covers just about everything we are … or will ever be!

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