The idea behind this website is that ADVANCED CONCEPTS can occur in any field or ideology … and they can change at any time with new theories and discoveries … but new concepts must be proven on the basis of their own merits.

Critical Thinking should always be applied with Advanced Concepts in order to avoid and/or remove the Special Interests and Selfishness within sciences, races, religions, politics, and nations.

If not … the sharp point of a dagger can become as dull and ineffective as the head of a railroad spike.

Or … a long hot, wet noodle does not make an effective rapier for the swordsman … no matter how intense the rhetoric.

Future Human Civilization is as uncertain as its past … but humans are always controlled by the need for more … because everything is never enough!

The 15-volume science fiction romance adventure is not they usual inspirational Christian book.

It is deals more with secular world events and underlying thoughts about existence beyond human control where the unknown seeps into humanity … including the possibility of higher powers where humans can eventually find peace and continued existence.

Christians who read this series will find out graphically that people are just as bad as those in the Bible, but they may be amused by a higher power called “El Supremo” who appears later in the series to offer hope for humanity.

Enjoy this 15 volume series-in-one set … it covers just about everything we are … or will ever be!

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Science Fiction Romance

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