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Many will say that these 15 volumes (i.e., in three sections) of the Planet Paradise Adventure series seem more like reality than fiction.

But this scientist, author assures that this adult science fiction romance adventure is not based on any known events … no matter how real they may seem … nor how many ET experts claim they must be true.

The first section five volumes show preparations and departure from Earth:

  1. Hidden Alien Agenda – Deceptive Earth Invasion
  2. Secret Alien Motives – Prelude to Abduction
  3. Alien Survival Plan – Deceptions for Abduction
  4. Doomed Blue Planet – Planet Earth Annihilation
  5. From Moon Orbit – To Planet Paradise

The second section five volumes show life and struggles on exo-Planet Paradise … with some people just dropping dead everywhere:

  1. Exotic Alien Pleasures – Deadly Killer Aphrodisiacs
  2. Deadly Alien Paradise – The Killing Machines
  3. Deadly Little Pests – Alien Bad News
  4. Alien Queen Banished – Evil Goddess Extinguished
  5. New Alien Beginnings – The Madman Cometh

The third section five volumes show preparations and departure from exo-Planet Paradise:

  1. Depart Planet Paradise – The Alien Ultimatum
  2. Brink of Extinction – The Future Begins
  3. Alien Replacement Plan – Jesus’ Alien DNA
  4. New Earth Colony – Alien Spy Revealed
  5. Alien Planets Starve – Human Destiny Determined

The action in the first section seems closer to reality. The sex is more mature and romantic than the usual heavy-breathing, pig-pen squealing, and snake-wallowing in many romantic novels.

However, both the human actions for survival … and sex … become quite a bit hotter later as the story for desperate, unsatisfied human survival develops in the second and third sections.

A few of the characters will tackle theoretical concepts throughout the series such as: Big Bang … Creation … Eve clone of Adam … Evolution … God evolved … Jesus Christ’s nonhuman DNA … Punctuated evolution … Something faster than speed of light … The Eve Syndrome … and many more.

Outstanding value. Get this exciting series now for personal use … or as a gift. The digital version is a great deal … with an equivalent value of paying less than 50 cents a volume … for 15 volumes (346,000 words)!

Get this set today while it lasts … a science fiction adventure with a little romance thrown in … like none you’ve ever seen before. For those who like it … there are some biting, chomping boogers to deal with also.

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Advanced Concepts