Month: August 2022


GOD Jesus?

Easter Surprise

Is Jesus Christ GOD or Not?   Before everyone gets their shorts in a bunch … and starts yelling words like heretic and blasphemy … they really need to actually read their Bibles to find out exactly who Jesus Christ really is. I am a theoretical theologian … and no one has to believe one single word of these observations … but you may need to know that I believeRead More

Prayers To Angels

Prayers to Angels

Is It OK To Pray To Angels?   No … why? Should prayer and worship be offered to angels? GOD’s angels are spirit beings that are His messengers … and also our guardian angels. They have considerable supernatural powers to carry out any of GOD’s action plans on Earth. Jesus Christ also has all authority in heaven and earth (Matthew 28:18 ) … which means He also has authority overRead More

Heaven Action

Do In Heaven

What Can I Do In Heaven?   Preachers, teachers, and others have never seemed inclined to reveal what will really be going on in heaven. It has seemed more expedient to try to “scare people out of hell” than to give them something to really look forward to in Heaven. Heaven is a real place which will be inhabited by real people who have been granted an existence to beRead More

Judas Iscariot

GOD Forgave Judas

How or Why Did GOD Forgive Judas Iscariot?   One day some friends visited me and my wife. There was a program on TV about killing Jesus. One of our friends is a Christian and her husband is an Atheist. As we were watching the TV program, the Atheist said that he did not believe what he was watching. I said that I didn’t believe it either. He said, “ButRead More

144K Virgin Jews

144,000 Jewish Virgins Of The Apocalypse I believe that this is a book that both scientists and theologians can have fun with  … and a lot of people can have fun with it, too. And since these two subjects (i.e., Science and Religion) can be a bit confusing, I will bounce back and forth and repeat things a little bit here and there in the book to reinforce some points.Read More

Garden of Eden

Garden of Eden

The Garden of Eden This presentation will show where all those people probably came from that were already here on Earth when Adam and Eve were banished from the Garden of Eden. The Sixth-Day was much longer than  24 hours … and you can bet that Adam and Eve were not “resting” on the Seventh-day … you know, with those beautiful super-powered hormone-propelled bodies (and nothing else to do allRead More


The Millennium

THE MILLENNIUM Hidden for almost 2000 years … Biblical Prophecy and theoretical Theology … finally revealed what people were supposed to already know. These are the biggest, most startling non-fiction updates in Christian theology and prophecy in centuries! Billions of people will die in the Tribulation Battle of Armageddon. A visible rapture will occur before the beginning of the Millennium. Note: The first “visible rapture” of Jesus’ followers is associatedRead More