The Millennium


Hidden for almost 2000 years … Biblical Prophecy and theoretical Theology … finally revealed what people were supposed to already know. These are the biggest, most startling non-fiction updates in Christian theology and prophecy in centuries!

Billions of people will die in the Tribulation Battle of Armageddon. A visible rapture will occur before the beginning of the Millennium.

Note: The first “visible rapture” of Jesus’ followers is associated with the Tribulation period. There is a second … even bigger, but secret rapture … right near the end of the Millennium (i.e., every eye will not see Jesus coming as they did in the rapture before the Millennium).

A worse loss of life … worse than in the Armageddon Battle … comes later. This is NOT a fiction novel. It is about real things to come … and most Christians do not seem to have a clue about it!

Life-ending celestial events and continent-shifting, ground-breaking earthquakes will be the end of mankind … and the greatest civilization to ever live on the Earth will die.

The future post-Millennium Battle will kill tens of billions of people … from the most affluent age of mankind ever … and ALL life on Earth will be totally extinguished, forever!

The truth about the The Trinity Doctrine is revealed.

Jesus Christ’s real DNA is also revealed … and the revelation of how it was done is astounding!

Find out how the Holy Spirit spanned the centuries between Eve and Mary to bypass human ancestry for Man-Jesus Christ … and to avoid original sin in Jesus.

CLICK HERE:  Get this book … and find out the true end from the beginning … plus, will there be a new human species reboot after Earth’s final destruction?

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