Prayers To Angels

Prayers to Angels

Is It OK To Pray To Angels?


No … why?

Should prayer and worship be offered to angels? GOD’s angels are spirit beings that are His messengers … and also our guardian angels. They have considerable supernatural powers to carry out any of GOD’s action plans on Earth.

Jesus Christ also has all authority in heaven and earth (Matthew 28:18 ) … which means He also has authority over angels … as shown when He sent His angel to carry GOD’s message to the Apostle John in Patmos (Revelation 1:1 ).

Since GOD told Him … why did Jesus send His angel instead of going Himself? Without getting too deep into theology … GOD the Father gave Jesus the power to do things like this  to accomplish whatever He needed to do (1 Corinthians 15:27).

Angels are also fierce warriors and defenders when needed to protect God’s children. Angels can cause physical changes on the Earth … as well as destruction … as commanded by GOD.

Apparently, it took only one angel to guide and protect Moses in the Exodus from Egypt (Exodus 23:23 ) … and that shows just how powerful and angel can be.

Although it is not likely that any of us will ever interact with an angel … and we do NOT pray to them … GOD warns us to listen to any message they might bring to us (Exodus 23:21 ).

I once approached a Treasury agent after a meeting. I thought that I would impress him with one of my thoughts about the meeting. I know that others have told similar stories, but this one is mine.

I commented to him that he must have to study thousands of types of counterfeit money in order to distinguish between them.

His answer caught me by surprise and deflated my ego at the same time … because I thought I was so smart in bringing up my brilliant observation.

His reply was simple: “No, I study only the real thing.  Anything that does match the real thing is simply counterfeit.”

By way of an analogy, I present the following simple thought: Listen to all the teachings, preachings, tapes, writings, demonstrations, and anything else that you can explore about angels.

Then, compare them with the angels in the Word of God.  If they do not match up they are simply counterfeit.

This book has one big surprise that almost no one seems to be aware of. It has to do with what people could be doing in heaven. Worth many times the cost of this little book.

You have to study the real thing to find out stuff like this … you have to keep your eyes and mind open to see it.

Most people are not aware that Jesus Christ has a personal angel … and it was Jesus’ angel who appeared to the Apostle John on the Isle of Patmos.

Most people who dare to read the book of Revelation … probably read what Jesus’ angel said to the Apostle John when he wanted to worship him … in Revelation 19:10 … the angel told him NOT to do it.

This book is NOT a scholarly study on angels. It is primarily for us folks who just want to know a little more about them without having to read everything in a library.

This book is available on Amazon in both eBook and Print Book.  The eBook has all active digital links … but the links are not active in the Print Book.

      1. Prayers to Angels … eBook Edition
      2. Prayers to Angels … Print Book Edition *

*This print book is good for collectors … and it will look good on any bookshelf … but the eBook is the most versatile for information and study.

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