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Hi Christian Explorers,

After 40 years of teaching diagnostic medical sciences, I retired to pursue theoretical theology. Why? Because I had one final mountain to conquer.

No, not Annapurna … but the towering Trinity Doctrine … because its peaks were still obscured by the thick, dark clouds of blind faith theology.

Many of us have struggled with trinity-enigma all our lives. I was even baptized into three major churches on my struggling journey to find peace with the elusive doctrine.

The Catholic Church certainly did not create it … so, we really cannot credit or blame Catholics for the triune theology. However, in 1 John 5:7 … these three are one … was NOT in the original manuscript.

It seems that Nimrod’s wife Semiramis was successful in bringing the triune god theology into widespread practice … and she apparently had  great success with the Egyptians (except for Akhenaten … the one-god Pharoah).

Unfortunately, this blind-faith theology has decimated Christian churches … and reduced people to mental illness with their agonizing battles over doctrine chaos … for over 2000 years.

Galatians 6:9 advises us not to grow weary of well-doing. Poor Noah preached, and banged on his ark for 100 years … but he only managed to save his own family … but at least those eight survived.

Poor Moses only managed to salvage two (i.e., Joshua and Caleb) of the original throng of Jews he led out of Egypt.

The familiar altar call of: “Come just as you are” … is often sadly observed   to remain unchanged: “Stayed just as you were, huh?”

Blind-faith triune theology has no identifying power. Many remain unsettled and doubtful … and many eventually drop out of church and leave forever.

The solution is simple. A theoretical theologian discovered it … and it is as plain as day!

It seems that most clergy are quite content to let their congregations stew in confusion … but that has turned out to be disastrous for church membership and growth … as evidenced by dwindling church numbers.

The goal now is to help as many people as possible … to find out just exactly what the Father GOD, Son Jesus , and Holy Spirit actually do. What they do is really quite fantastic!

Christians have been blindfolded for centuries with confusing triune-god theology … but a theoretical theologian has removed the blindfold.

No one has to give up their churches.  Gaining a better knowledge of what these three deities actually do helps to understand them. The only thing removed is the enigma of an elusive triune-god.

Jesus Christ remains our empowered Lord and King. Father GOD is still the boss (i.e., as evidenced by Revelation 1:1), and the Holy Spirit is the work horse for both of them.

Many new things are revealed:  Such as two huge raptures are still coming; what the 144 thousand virgin Jews will do; Jesus’ non-human DNA; what the New Jerusalem will be used for; and much more.

To make a long story, short … this information may not be for everyone … especially those just doing church as a business.

However, it can remove triune-god confusion for many … and help increase church membership … and it really is duck-soup simple.

The Pope has been talking about making changes in the Catholic Church. If he does this … he will totally outwit protestant churches by beating them to the punch with astronomical church growth.

It would not be surprising to find out that the Pope has discovered what this theoretical theologian found out … and he can use it to great advantage before the protestants catch up.

Get this book … written in simple language. Find out for yourself … that you don’t have to change churches. You can stay right where you are and learn … and make everyone happier.

Click Here to get: More Powerful Than The Trinity Doctrine by Rev. R. B. Spell, DD.

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Replace faith with belief,

Rev. R. B. Spell, DD (nom de plume)

PS: The author writes anonymously while visiting many Christian churches … where he finds Father GOD still waiting for HIS flock to identify HIM.

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