PP 15-Vol Set

Too real to be science fiction … but how can I know!

Science fiction never seemed so real … how can I tell!

Science fiction you can understand … and think it’s real!

Can we really get there from here … maybe it’s not fiction!

Space travel necessity … go faster than light or die!

Best sci-fi package books offer in years!

Great news  Sci-Fi Fans,

Best, outstanding science-fiction value on the market today.  Books collected all in one volume!

Get this action-filled 15 book series now for personal use … or as a holiday gift … before it is removed.

Science Fiction Books
Exo Planet Adventure

The first section five volumes show preparations and departure from the doomed Earth:

  1. Hidden Alien Agenda – Deceptive Earth Invasion
  2. Secret Alien Motives – Prelude to Abduction
  3. Alien Survival Plan – Deceptions for Abduction
  4. Doomed Blue Planet – Planet Earth Annihilation
  5. From Moon Orbit – To Planet Paradise

The second section five volumes show action and struggles on an exo-Planet Paradise:

  1. Exotic Alien Pleasures – Deadly Killer Aphrodisiacs
  2. Deadly Alien Paradise – The Killing Machines
  3. Deadly Little Pests – Alien Bad News
  4. Alien Queen Banished – Evil Goddess Extinguished
  5. New Alien Beginnings – The Madman Cometh

The third section five volumes show preparations and departure from exo-Planet Paradise:

  1. Depart Planet Paradise – The Alien Ultimatum
  2. Brink of Extinction – The Future Begins
  3. Alien Replacement Plan – Alien DNA
  4. New Earth Colony – Alien Spy Revealed
  5. Alien Planets Starve – Human Destiny Determined

Get it all in one place … in three sections of the Planet Paradise series (i.e., 15 books in one “big book” for only $6 .99). They all seem more like reality than fiction.

But the author assures that this science fiction adventure is not based on any known events … no matter how real they may seem … nor how many ET Experts vigorously  claim they must be true.

Outstanding value for deal seekers. Get this exciting series now for personal use … or as a gift. The digital version is a great deal … with an equivalent value of paying less than 50 cents a book … for 15 volumes (346,000 words)!

Costs less than a cup of coffee and donut … and lasts a whole lot longer!

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  (Note: Only $6.99 total as compared to $150 when buying all volumes individually)

PS: Note: The Author is retired college professor. Wrote over 70 books in science, healthcare, fiction, non-fiction, and religious topics. No matter how fast he writes fiction … it seems to become non-fiction quicker!

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