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Hi Kingdom Seekers,

Cut and paste this helpful link to find verses in at least 231 Bibles in 72 languages: https://www.biblegateway.com

Most people are familiar with the Church of the:  Blind-Faith- Get-God Rewards.

I am Rev. Dr. Randall, a theoretical theologian. I do not have a church (nor a private jet nor mansion with pool) … and I do not want 40 + thousand Christian denominations to go away. The gospel truth will fix almost all of them.

From disgruntled, disillusioned people on social media and elsewhere … who are leaving Christianity … I am very familiar with them and their cries for help.

In my life-long search for gospel truth, I was baptized three times into three  different churches … but I remained disillusioned and frustrated with the triune-god doctrine and its blind faith requirement to be deluded.

My job (and all Christians’ job) is to spread the gospel of the kingdom of GOD. But without the true gospel … it is impossible to be a messenger (Mark 16:15) for GOD.

The triune-god ideology is theoretical. I do not promote that kind of phony-baloney … and neither did the early Jewish Christian churches who were trying to follow Jesus’ commands … but Roman politicians found a way to enclose and rule them with pagan triune-god ideology.

There is absolute Biblical evidence the shows the actual roles and authority of GOD, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. They are NOT a triune-godhead hidden in a nutty fruitcake … like the Babel-baloney from Nimrod’s wife Semiramis.

It could be asked what do you have to lose … but a better question is what do you have to gain (i.e., with true gospel functions and no confusion or blind faith)?

However, it would be irresponsible not to tell you what you have to lose … and how you can lose it. Check this out:  Matthew 7: 21-23.

For less than the cost of a cup of coffee and a couple of donuts … everyone can find and see the real gospel truth for themselves … and the triune-god doctrine lie is revealed without removing GOD, Jesus, or the Holy Spirit from any Christian church.

CLICK ON:  More Powerful Than The Trinity Doctrine  to learn the truth … and set yourself and your church free … but closer to GOD! (Hint: Get the eBook for $4.39 to get all the active links and text-to-speech options included.)

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Power and blessings to you,

Rev. Dr. R.B. Spell